Composer/Conductor Networks at the New York Philharmonic

Networks cover subscription concerts during each conductor's music directorship.

Nodes are conductors and composers, sized according to number of works conducted/performed. Edges connect conductors to composers, weighted as the product of the percentage of works in the period conducted by that conductor and the composer's share of the conductor's repertoire. So, if Bernstein conducted 50% of performances during his directorship and Copland was 30% of Bernstein's repertoire, then the Bernstein-Copland edge has weight 0.15. The sum of any composer's edge weights equals the percent of all performances by that composer.

A first attempt to account for work duration, for Alan Gilbert alone and for all subscription performances under his music directorship. For the first graph (Gilbert alone), node size and edge weight represent the percent of Gilbert's conducting time in subscription concerts devoted to each composer. In the second graph, node size represents the percent of concert time conducted by or devoted to performing each conductor or composer, respectively. Edge weight represents, as above, the product of the percent of performance time led by a conductor and the percent of a conductor's performance time devoted to a given composer.

Layouts in Gephi with Yifan Hu algorithm, plus Noverlap and Label Adjust.